It’s been a fun day of camping!  You’ve played, explored, and ate.  You’ve had s’mores by the campfire and now it’s time to wash up up and hit the hay.  You slip into your sleeping bag or bed and ACK!  It’s colder than it is outdoors so you snuggle up to your spouse – yes this includes putting frozen feet on his warm legs so he jumps two feet and shouts “Geez woman!”.  Two summer ago a friend and I were complaining about this in a campground bathroom while helping the kids brush their teeth and a kind seasonal camper suggested we get bed sheets called Drap Santé.  It seems that I would never crawl into a cold camping bed again if I got these.

Off I went to find these miracle sheets! I found some for 40% off at the local Linen Chest and went for it.  I bought ivory coloured sheet sets in a queen size for my husband and I and in king size set for the kids – all 3 sleep together on one size of our pop-up trailer. Made with a 100% refined polyester fleece, they looked soft and fluffy but I was worried that they would be too warm for summer camping.  I was wrong.  Even with a sleeping bag opened up and thrown over them like you would a duvet, they are perfect!  We have not slipped into a cold camping bed since and nobody has complained of being too hot.  This was a buy I have not regretted.  If you’re sleeping in a sleeping bag you could easily fold a flat sheet in two and slip it into your bag.

The initial cost is a tad expensive as the price ranges between approx. $79.95 for a twin set and $119.95 for a king set but I’ve often seen them up to 40% off.  The sheets have been easy to maintain and still look and feel like new.  I wash them in cold water and throw them into the dryer at a low temperature setting.  The manufacturer suggests that bleach not be used and that you don’t iron them. Available colours: charcoal, red, ash blue, ash green, ivory.

Drap Santé

Drap Santé




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