Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference! I was introduced to this simple but awesome camping tool last summer (thanks Fred!). Anyone who has ever gone tent camping knows that a rubber mallet is a must have in order to make sure your tent pegs are fully pounded into the ground. Even if you’re not using a tent, using a rubber mallet is always an easy way to install pegs to tie down a tarp, to secure a sun shelter or pegging down your tent trailer awning properly so that an unexpected strong gust of wind doesn’t flip it over onto the roof of the trailer! Take my word for it!

A rubber mallet is much better at pounding your plastic or metal pegs into the ground than let say, using a log, a rock, or jumping on it. You’ll break and bend less pegs and won’t hurt the bottom of your feet (or split the sole of a running shoe)! It will also allow you to peg in no matter kind of ground you’re camping on.

Now the genius part is the little cup hook screwed into the base of the rubber mallet’s handle. It can be really hard to pull a peg out of the ground but by simply hooking a peg with this tool, you can easily pull it out. It is so easy that even my kids were able to do it! This means more help when packing up. The hook also allows you to hang your mallet when it’s not in use.

Where can you get one of these mallets to add to your camping gear? You can order one on Amazon or you can get a rubber mallet and a cup hook from your local hardware store and turn it into a really quick and simple DIY project!

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